As part of our human security mandate, we engage young people to improve their participation in decision making processes at all levels of Society. Our engagement is in recognition of the valuable contribution of the youth contrary to long held social stereotypes which has led to youth marginalization even in decisions that concern them. We recognize that youth form majority of the West Africa population and must be equitably represented at the decision making table. 

We are focused on strengthening the agency of the youth through building their capacity to interrogate and provide alternatives to policies and demand accountability from decision makers. We are keen on providing our youth beneficiaries with the skillset needed to actively engage in policy advocacy on various thematic areas including employment, education and skills development, health, peace and security, revenue mobilisation, health among others to improve the lives and participation of young people in society. We have organised developmental debates, dialogue session, media programmes as well as numerous capacity building workshop on various developmental topics and leadership. Through this project we facilitated the development of the first Youth Manifesto in Togo.

We have travelled a remarkable journey over the last ten years working with amazing youth activists to achieve inroads into policy making in Ghana. Currently we work with youth groups at grassroots and national level to influence decisions at all levels. This has led establishment of a National and seven Regional Youth Networks in Ghana to strengthen their voices and influence on political process, youth and national development.