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COVID 19 Outbreak in Ghana: Citizens Must Boycott the NIA and all other Public Mobilisation Exercise

The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa, FOSDA, is calling on all Ghanaians to boycott the National Identification Authority (NIA) registration exercise and all other public mobilisation exercises as a measure to ensure their personal safety, security and protection from COVID-19.

We have taken note of the various calls by the Ghana Medical Association, CHRAJ, CSOs and individuals for the NIA to suspend the registration process as per the directives of his Excellency the President of the Republic to no avail.

The increase in the number of COVID-19 cases currently and the beginning of community spread of the disease in the country makes it imperative for citizens to protect themselves from the disease if state institutions such as the NIA are not willing to do same for various reasons. Citizens must take steps to comply with the social distancing and other safety measures to ensure their safety and security. 

While we entreat citizens to stay away from all such exercises, we also call on the NIA and the Government to suspend the registrations to avoid any further endangering of the lives of innocent citizens.  As the President rightly said ‘these are not ordinary times’. The World Health Organisation has also declared this as a war against Corona Virus, and that is the approach we all have to take.


Theodora Williams Anti

Programmes Manager


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