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FOSDA Participates in ECOWAS Validation Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Small Arms Control Baseline report

The Economic Community of West African States has Intensified efforts to mainstream gender equality considerations in its security operations. The Small Arms Division of ECOWAS held a meeting with security experts in the sub-region to validate a baseline report on Gender Mainstreaming in Small Arms Control in West Africa and Action plan. The meeting was held between 29-30 October in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. about 30 participants including security and gender experts as well as security officers both male and female coming from across the sub-region participated in the workshop.  

FOSDA’s representative at the meeting, Mrs. Theodora W. Anti remarked that it was highly encouraging that ECOWAS was taking such serious steps to ensure that the institution, therefore states, was gender-sensitive in security issues and in its fight against the proliferation of small arms in the sub-region. it is essential that the impact of arms on both men and women, their role in promoting arms proliferation and subsequent consequences be considered in addressing the issue of illicit arms control.  

For FOSDA the ECOWAS baseline report on Gender Mainstreaming in Small Arms Control when finalized and the action plan implemented will contribute significantly to the implementation of the UN Security resolution 1325 and Goal !6 of the SDGs.

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