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NATIONAL WORKSHOP FOR FEMALES ON LEADERSHIP SKILLS, an activity by FOSDA in partnership with Oxfam in Ghana, as part of the Ghana Youth Development Project (GYDEP), to empower young women especially leaders from the regional networks with the right knowledge and skills to be effective leaders in their various youth groups and networks, as well as agents of change in their communities and the country as a whole

The meeting brought together 21 women from 7 regions across the country to discuss issues which hinders young females from active participation in leadership roles.

The meeting also gave the opportunity to participants to share knowledge and experiences on gender and its related issues as well as throw more lights on reasons why most females show little or no interest in taking up leadership roles and positions.

Series of interactions and engagements at the meeting brought out practical problems and challenges faced by females in the various regional youth groups and networks and also influenced them to develop an advocacy plan and strategies to solve the problem identified as well as increase participation of females in the Regional and National Youth Network.

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