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The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa, FOSDA, was established in 2001 to examine the causes of conflicts in Africa and to further improve the capacity of African institutions and civil society in the field of human security and development.

Over the years, FOSDA has successfully contributed to demystifying security and making civil society and citizens active in conversations and actions on security issues in West Africa, engendering a more collective approach to the subject

FOSDA has contributed significantly to minimizing the conflicts in West Africa. It led civil society in the sub-region to advocate for the formulation and adoption of more stringent laws and policies to minimize the easy availability of Small Arms and light weapons, which fueled these bloody conflicts.

Fosda also believes that systematic approach is a pre-requisite to help achieve its vision

Some of our Achievements

In 2001 and 2004 FOSDA initiated and led the campaign for the renewal of the ECOWAS Moratorium by mobilizing civil society organisations in West Africa to lobby their governments to support the call for the renewal of the Moratorium. Following the second renewal of the Moratorium in 2004, FOSDA worked with members of the West Africa Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA) to push for the transformation of the Moratorium into a legally binding Convention. ECOWAS finally adopted the Convention in 2006.  FOSDA reviewed the implementation of the Convention in 2016 and continues to advocate for the full implementation of the Convention at the sub- regional level

At the national level FOSDA has developed youth and women empowerment programs as part of its proactive approach to conflict prevention, promoting democracy and good governance in target West African states.

We have established youth and women network at national and Regional level mobilizing thousands of youth and women for development

We also engage with appropriate policy makers to initiate or implement appropriate policies in this regard

Also at the National level FOSDA has intervened in several conflict management processes, using participatory and collective approaches, especially in the Northern Region of Ghana which has recorded most of Ghana’s internal violent conflicts.